I have the unique honor of helping people navigate the beautiful space between growth and grace.
— Sarajane Case (creator of journey books)


what are journey books?

In it's simplest form, Journey Books is a subscription service for your day planner. Each book contains a single month filled with daily to-do list pages,  life tasks, calendars and journaling prompts.

In it's complexity, Journey Books is a 12-month life changing journey that you can go on alone or along with other people in our community. Each book is dedicated to a different area of personal growth and is supported by our private online resource library of training videos and motivational content!


What makes us different ?

Journey Books are created to guide you through a year of growth without over structuring your planner for you. So many planners we found were organized in a way that just felt OFF for us. There wasn't enough blank space, not enough room to write, they were too thick, too stiff and don't get us started on the spiral binding. Journey Books are designed to be light and easy to keep up with like a well-loved notebook. There's a lot of blank space but that's paired with just enough prompts to help you grow and give you a break from having to create all of your own layouts. Basically, we created the day planner of our dreams and get to share it with you!


our mission

journey books exist so that you can sustainably and simply make the changes you want to make in your life!