When does my book arrive?

Books mail out on the 10th of the month before your start month.
i.e January's book will ship out on December 10th. 

what's your refund and cancellation policy

You can cancel your account at any time! However, we do not offer refunds on payments that have already been processed.

Are there perks for sharing with friends?

You know it! Every member receives a coupon code to share with friends. Your friends get 10% off their first month and you get 50% off of your next month when they subscribe!

Do you have a digital version?

We do offer a digital download edition and an app is in our dreams for 2019. However, plans for that aren't yet finalized.

Is this just for business owners?

No way! It's for everyone who wants to dance the sweet dance of personal growth and self-care all at once!