why a monthly subscription?

We created this as a monthly subscription because, quite simply, we think it's a better way. 

Here's why:

  • Having a new book arriving in the mail each month gives you the opportunity to be re-energized by the process. You know all of the energy behind the first few weeks you have your day planner? Now you can have that every month. 
  • Yearly day planners just don't have enough room to give you the space to use it in a way that feels great to you. We were tired of overly structured day planners without any blank pages and we figured you were too. 
  • Each month being dedicated to a new area of your life gives you the opportunity to relax a little on your personal growth. To focus on creating lasting change on one area at a time! 
  • We love feedback! We can create an environment of open communication between us and our consumers and make necessary changes in real time! 
  • Mail is just so much fun! The thought of sending you a present each month just lights up our office over here!